The Latest Trend In Asbestos Removal Sydney

Removal Jun 02, 2017 No Comments

Siding in three different locations or four different locations to make sure there’s no asbestos patrols behind the vinyl siding so what we do is also we would test the garage we test the roof there’s two layers who tests all two layers we the would take window putty also again separate from the house we would take what looks like there’s only two windows here we take one of each window.

we would take three stucco samples generally looks the same apparently same looking material but we would probably still take three off the garage a lot of times the material might be different could have been built different time periods so this is the Asbestos Removal Sydney outside stuff for checking for when when someone doesn’t ask us is inspection especially in the City of Vancouver we looking for these materials gives you an idea of what we’re doing on yelled satellite show you a video of the inside after and show you the materials.

Retesting what to expect during our inspection talk to you later thank you okay the materials in the garage that we’re looking for we’re looking for drywall any oils has materials this just garage inside has nothing except those balances that’s an older ballast could contain the PCB these are the newer ones he’s probably will not we’ll still make a note of these three potential PCP containing palaces it’s Roger relative clean if I used it for a little band area it’s pretty clean I’m looking for oils OK before.