The Hidden Agenda Of Herpes Treatment

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When my doctor took skin and blood samples I was more annoyed than worried I felt he was cracking a nut with a sledgehammer imagine my shock when I was asked back for the results herpes I felt that had been punched in the stomach all I could think was it can’t be me he’s talking about herpes sounded like a life sentence in solitary confinement the only way to escape herpes prison was to die all we can do is control your outbreaks my doc said he put me on a cycle of ear and the sores on my butt disappeared but it wasn’t the only thing as I clavier made me lose I Started losing hair and a ton of it I Panicked and asked.

My doctor he confirmed his psyche La Vere can cause heavy Halon other side effects I switched to Maltreat it made my stomach violently Herpes Treatment rebel I couldn’t focus on work and colleagues cut me out of projects I had to stop with the vault wrecks on my boss would have fired me the source came back and I was crushed the drugs that were meant to heal had ruined my life after months of suffering I gave in to the pleas of my mother and let my father in my secret you see my father is one of Britain’s medical Mavericks you’ve probably never heard of him because he shuns.

suppressible drugs it still undermines your health it can even kill you by swinging the doors wide open for an army of other diseases for example you are two to four times more likely to catch HIV according to the University of Washington and how about seizures and swelling of your brain tissue so bad it can burst your skull what sounds like the six script of a horror movie is called meningitis it kills eleven percent of its victims thirty-six percent of women and thirteen.